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2.  doesn't get along well with the mayor of
Kareenburg or at least one member of the town council, at least partly
because they don't want to see their city get abandoned. Not even if a
volcano is offering to destroy it soon.


Kareenburg: population 40000 (1/50 of total population on planet, which is
2 million). 5000 want the city to keep its glory and centralness. That's a
pretty good fraction of the voting-age adults, as a note (I don't know the
likely family sizes, though it's a good bet the average age of a Sergyaran
is fairly young). I guess having an internet makes signature-collecting
easier. Their kids all understand about the volcano, it seems. Don't at
least some of the adults want to protect their kids more than they want
their investments to do well?
Beatrice Otter: I doubt that's what they are thinking, though, that it's a choice between their kids' wellbeing and their investments. The volcano might not go until their great grandchildren are adults, plenty of time to get out of dodge then. (And who really seriously considers the problems something will cause their great grandchildren when making decisions?) The immediate future of their kids will be best served if their investments prosper.
Beatrice Otter

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