[LMB] Birthday Tixie for October 4

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 4 11:33:37 BST 2016

Well, we've just enjoyed a few days at a house party, courtesy of kin Jurald, and 
now we've made our way down to the town of Greenwell. The weather has been 
fabulous this month so far, and the inhabitants of the tiny town are quite glad 
of it -- they suffered from three straight weeks of heavy rain and flooding last 
month. The cobblestones of the Main Street are just a mess! But, for a small 
consideration, the mayor has allowed us to have our way with the Main Street. 

Sue, Raye and Stacey get first crack with their metal detectors. 

Sue's starts beeping immediately, and a little tossing of the cobblestones soon 
unearths an oak chest full of silver spoons, serving bowls, ladles . . . and a 
hammer. One wonders what sort of hurry the treasure-hider must have been in to 
toss the hammer in? The silverware has a lovely design of sweet little white mice 
chasing each other. 

Raye's detector has picked up something a little further down the street. In a 
small lead coffer bound in rusting iron, there's an ancient book. Oh, Penric is 
jealous! It's a treatise on the uses of comedy in dramas, written in Cedonian. 
Penric promises to copy it out for you, so look for it in the interdimensional 
post office nearest you . . . Post Restante. 

And what has Stacey found? Oh, what an amazing prize! Five cubits under the 
cobblestones, we find the wooden head of a female figure . . . and we keep 
digging, and digging, and with all of us helping, we've uncovered a 90-cubit 
long wooden ship! (Yes, the Birthday Tixie measured it out, fingertip to elbow 
the whole way down!) Oh, this is old, old, old. We enter the mysterious ship and 
make our way to a burial chamber where there's a man with a gold and garnet 
sword, and a panelled helmet. He seems perfectly preserved, laying on a burial 
pallet surrounded by all sorts of gorgeous treasure. We are awestruck, and it 
feels creepy to be trespassing on his burial chamber . . . when suddenly he sits 
up! "Is it time?" he asks without opening his eyes. "Not yet," Stacey bravely 
utters, and then we all run like hell back up to the surface. We waste no time in 
covering the ship back up again, but we'll have the amazing memory. 

As the others wend their way to the Temple for a well-deserved evening's rest, 
the Birthday Tixie brings in some heavy machinery borrowed from the Vorkoverse. A 
little light terraforming, some Plascrete in the right places, and the 
cobblestones reinstalled just so . . . and the street is as good as new, and will 
survive the next flooding with no problems. The Tixie thanks her helpers, then 
scatters an explosion of Tixie dust over the sleepy town of Greenwell, and heads 
over to the Temple, where our birthday people are enjoying the feasting and 
music. Happy Birthday to you all! 

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