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Sun Oct 9 22:39:04 BST 2016

[LMB] google-fu aid
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Sun Oct 9 22:10:41 BST 2016

CM:  Title thoughts...

Demon in the Sun?
Penric and the Smugglers?

LMB:  Alas, no smugglers, pirates (this time, at least) or mermaids.  
(Although "The Pirates of Penric" begs for a tale to go under it.)  The 
story takes place entirely upon land, after the intro.  A tight focus 
with three main characters (or four, if you count the demon, which one 
should), only two of whom get viewpoints, Penric and one other.  Fairly 
streamlined plot/course of events, no subplots, though quite a bit of 
backstory backfill from various sides, the new folks' because we haven't 
met them before, and Penric because we're jumping over several years 
since we last saw him, and his relocation in time, space, and head-space 
would be too confusing without it.  Also, much is current-plot-pertinent.

Title possibilities mooted so far, all rejected:

"Penric and the General" -- put the readers' attention too much on the 
wrong character

"Penric and the Widow" -- not as bad as the above, but doesn't make the 
tale sound much like what it actually is

"Penric and Madame Owl"  -- similar problem as #2, plus it made even the 
people who have read the manuscript go, "Say what?"

Light and vision are important themes, tho' not the only ones. Again, we 
are not actually tied to the "Penric and..." format. Yet.  ("Penric 
in..." might open that up a bit.)  Don't like "Penric in Cedonia" 
because the word will be meaningless, and also, again, not quite the 
right focus.


Ta, L.

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