[LMB] Regrets, Miles had a few.....

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 11 04:41:55 BST 2016

Gwynne said:
But if Tien was alive Ekaterin would have gone back to him, out of Vor duty. And

I don't think she would have divorced him while he was in jail - which would have

lasted for a very long time. Plus even after the divorce she'd be the ex-wife of 
a traitor. Tien dead was, if not a hero, then at least a fairly innocent figure 
in her past. Tien alive and convicted was at the very least an embarrassment, and 
social poison.  And with Ekaterin's sense of duty she'd probably have stayed with 
him and never divorced. No marriage to Miles, no treatment for Nikki....

Micki: Depends totally on the timing. Miles calls in Imp Sec, they descend as 
soon as they hear something wrong, Tien can't call until after all the brou-ha-ha 
is over, and by then, it's too late. She is totally gone, sleeping on a park 
bench already. 

Scenario two: Imp Sec is late, the thieves call Ekaterin, and she shows up just 
as they do. The place is buzzing with Imp Sec, and she slips out in the 
confusion, carries on with leaving Tien. (Although, conscience may bite her in 
the butt; I could see that scenario too where she sticks around.) 

Scenario three: Imp Sec is very timely, and Tien places a call before she gets 
out of the house. This could go 50/50. She determined not to talk to him or get 
dragged in, but when she's actually confronted with the situation, she doesn't 
follow through with her determination. She gets dragged in anyway. 

Anyway, I still think Miles is going to capture her heart in 70 percent of the 
possible scenarios. If not sooner, then later. Once he met her, he's done for. 
That's the way it works in this type of story, because if it doesn't the reader 
(and maybe even the writer?) feels very, very betrayed. Besides, Miles doesn't care about social poison -- he is social poison and everything still turns to his advantage. 


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