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Wed Oct 12 20:14:21 BST 2016

Well, I'm on record arguing that Penric is the "groom" 
(rider's servant, and bridegroom) for Desdemona.  A
contrast to bride is the widow.  So emphasis on the
widow -- whoever she may be -- in the new story seems
to me to tie into prior themes of this series. 

This particularly as Desdemona has been bereft of
her "riders" several times, leaving her, in some sense,
widowed of a longterm companion.  So Des may
herself be a widow, if not THE widow, in some lights. 


Penric and the Widow.
The Widow and Penric.

The Demon Widow and Penric
Penric and the Bastard's Widow

Or go with a John LeCarre homage:

Bastard, Demon, Widow, Spy

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