[LMB] to wit to whom

Lois Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Fri Oct 14 17:42:17 BST 2016

[LMB] to wit to whom
John Lennard john.c.lennard at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 17:29:21 BST 2016

Lois: (Although it does change the intended meaning
of the sentence, sigh.  Which was, "...whom he had _assumed_, goddammit,
trusted him implicitly...)

John: Then an even easier answer is to italicise "assumed" -- "whom he had
*assumed* trusted him implicitly". That works because by emphasising
"assumed" you emphasise the reading with Illyan as object, not subject. No
commas needed.

(And yay, let's hear it for rich text.)

LMB:  Yep, figured that out myself, after a bit of further 
contemplation.  Have now sent a correction after the correction; we'll 
see what makes it into print, after all the confusion.

One of my test-reader friends asserts that italics for emphasis are 
almost never necessary; I submit this as counter-evidence.  (I will 
grant her that overuse is not good.)

Dear lord I do purely hate this endless-second-guessing phase of the 
writing process.  But someone has to do quality control, and I have 
learned through experience that it had better be me.

Ta, L.

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