[LMB] Birthday Tixie October 19

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 19 09:03:35 BST 2016

Well, today we are still in Martensbridge, and we're exploring the palace-and-
temple precincts. There's this dilapidated mansion, you see, that has the 
reputation for being very haunted and very tragic. Now that we are here, it 
certainly is very atmospheric! The sun has gone down, and we are bungling around 
with our metal detectors, flashlights, candle-powered lanterns and an assorted 
mish-mash of equipment when it happens. Carol falls right through the floor.

"I'm all right!" Carol calls back up, and we are all reassured. We gather around 
the jagged hole in the floorboards, peering into the darkness. Carol holds up her 
lantern . . . and we are amazed to find that she has fallen into what looks like 
a giant bath. The water has been drained long, long ago, but the mosaics of 
cheerful beasts flirt and flounder around the sides of the Main Pool. They don't 
quite look like dolphins, but rather what a land-locked artiste might think 
dolphins look like. Oh, if only the pool were full! I . . . I wish you could 

A quick check with the authorities shows that nobody knew the pool was down here. 
Indeed, nobody knows who owns the "haunted" mansion, but the presence of steam 
pipes explains some of the odd noises that have come out of the house over the 
years. The Princess-Archdivine will be be sending lawyers over in the morning, 
but we figure they won't miss a bauble or two.

Carol winds up with a pair of beautiful glass vials in the Adriatic style. They 
are dark green, fading to clear at the top, and wound around with goldwork that 
turns into tiny handles.They are still full of ancient unguents and oils! Who 
knows what healing powers they have? With winter coming on, I hope they at least 
relieve chapped cheeks and noses!

The stars shine through patches of empty roof, and we pack up our tools and get 
ready to go back to the Dratsab's Order for a good night's sleep. Tixie dust 
sparkles gently on every surface, picking up the moonlight from the eastern 
windows, and we wish Carol a most happy birthday!

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