[LMB] LISTBIZ: Ch 12 GJ&RQ democracy, good manners, censorship

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Sun Oct 23 18:13:25 BST 2016

Walter Bushell asks:

>Are we still reading Gentleman Jole and the the Red Queen?!
>Seems like there has been no posts on that for a long time.

Speaking only for myself, I am self-censoring comments on
chapter 12.  Cordelia coping with (her own) contemporary 
democratic opposition and commenting on (again, in story)
four decades old politicians; environmental threats solved
and still pending; factions based on (space or surface) residency;
problems in government/military procurement; crony
investment in government projects ...


Gender role presentation, perception, and progressions. 

The pathetic fallacy and how Minnesota celebrity/politician
/elected officials of recent decades may have influenced 
Our Author about "clots", democratic processes, and maybe
even candidates in the current US election cycle. 

There is a lot of meat to cook up in the most recent novel. 
Can't do a BBQ without both smoke and fire. Current list 
rules say we should better go hungry than feed the discussion.

Me, as recently evidenced, I can't discuss Shakespeare and 
King Lear without reference to US events, Playboy Magazine,
and Hugh Hefner.  I'm sure at least half the listies here
shudder to contemplate what I might do if a local, temporary,
free speech zone were declared.  

I'm not even calling for a vote on the issue.

I merely point it out. 

So,  shall we discuss Ivan, again, instead?

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