[LMB] Are we still reading Gentleman Jole and the the Red Queen?!

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Snips of a fascinating exploration of the different viewpoints of spacers and

Ground dwellers hold and build on territory. ....
To retreat from "your ground" is a shame
and dishonor.  As it is to not know and respect "your
place" in the society, the pecking order,and traditions.
This, even of EVIL traditions like infanticide; it's a
woman's "place" to cut out the mutation. ...

GP: I hadn't thought of it before, but banning infanticide was an attack on the status
of women in the more traditional areas. Women were the keepers of the genome,
the ones who had to do the crushing and horrific task of assessing babies, and
killing the ones who didn't pass the tests. This was a huge thing - to be prepared to
kill your own child for the good of the group. A huge, horrible task, a terrible
responsibility. But also it gave a certain status that women were given this task, they
had control over life and death - it balanced male status from facing combat.

When infanticide was banned (something I applaud, totally) it removed the greatest
task, status and responsibility of women in those villages. And there was really nothing
to replace it - education was slow to reach the villages, there were no other jobs or
paths to success, except leaving to go and find work in the towns - not easy for women
unless they were attached to a male family member, husband or brother. And the jobs
for untrained hill women were fairly limited.

Sometimes a really good, sensible law can still have negative consequences for
a lot of people.

Gwynne (feeling philosophical)

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