[LMB] OT: A hard letter to write

Alex Y. Kwan litalex at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 12:59:04 BST 2016

My sincere condolences. My cat is 13 and I worry about him daily. I'd be
devasted if he were gone.

little Alex

On 27 Oct 2016 15:23, "A. Marina Fournier" <saffronrose at me.com> wrote:

> The second of the two older dogs, pair-bonded poodle mixes, we adopted on
> the 2009 anniversary of the Moon landing is to be euthanized this Thursday.
> We have a 10am PDT appointment at our vet.
> The first one, Maxi, the elder, who had instantly bonded with my son, left
> us 30 January 2014, two days after my son celebrated his 20th
> birthday. Maxi had been very sick very early the day before, and he was
> dx'd with pancreatitis. It would have been a couple of thousand US$ to
> treat, and maybe give him a few more months of life if the treatment was
> successful. Arthur chose to let him go, as he had been showing signs of
> being ready to go for a couple of months, and to prolong his life would
> have been cruel.
> Cody, for reasons I appreciate but don't understand, decided I was His
> Human. I've never lived with dogs, so I really didn't understand that
> devotion. As time went on, he seemed to be more like my cat of 20 years,
> who died in 1995, than my idea of a dog. A friend said that poodles are the
> cats of the dog world, and that Maine Coons are the dogs of the cat world.
> He liked taking naps next to me, and we said that the dogs generated
> sleepions, the essential particle of sleep.
> Earlier this year, I was sent a renewal notice for Cody's license, for a
> half year, which hurt enough to make me cry, even though I knew it was
> unlikely that he'd last out the year. We think he's 13 and some months.
> A month ago, I realized that he was fading fast: he couldn't bark, didn't
> whine either. I hadn't had my face licked in months, he never showed up at
> the door to greet me, and he was largely lethargic, as well as very blind,
> very deaf, incontinent, and couldn't really smell anything anymore. I
> wondered then if it was time to let him go. I cried a lot that day, and
> spent time with him along side me in the bed while I read.
> Since then, his ability to move well has been erratic; he often turns in
> circles and runs into things, is unable to figure out corners he wedges
> into, and there's been less interest in eating, even treats of human food.
> We can't tell if he's in pain, but comfortable he's not.
> After a day of several bouts of fecal and urinary incontinence, and
> vomiting yellow bile, my belle-mère asked if it was time, and while feeling
> like a careless and unseeing pet mother, that I hadn't done it earlier,
> called the vet, having a hard time getting the words out to ask for an
> appointment on Thursday.
> So I cried a lot more today, and I'm likely to be weepy, at least
> intermittently, tomorrow. I'll hold him, because I think he deserves that,
> and I'll ask Hecate to ease his passing over that bridge beyond the veil.
> I'm hoping lunch with a friend a little later will ease the grief for a bit.
> Marina
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