[LMB] Are we still reading Gentleman Jole and the the Red Queen?!

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Don't forget, K'burg is also in the middle of a desert. Less than 10" rainfall per year? Or marginally better? Okay - they have the lake, which helps. But in desert country the limiting factor is always and forever water. (No, do NOT get me started on "Well, we can always mine the aquifer! Cue up a Woody Guthrie song here.)
I'll bet Cordelia has seen to it that the University there has a Department of Practical Ecology, too! Prerequisites - biology and planetology 101 and 102.
But I'll bet part of the nearby countryside is grassland. Not that one can herd and/or eat the hexapods, but the picnic that metastasized into a giant spectacular proved they do raise beef cattle around there. So there will still be a place for a mobile cowtown.

GP:  Cordelia points out to the mayor that K'burg will still have the spaceport.
They're building a new one for the new capital, but keeping the original up and
running as well, with military base attached. And settlement is probably based
around K'burg and will be for some time, with more promising areas just starting
to open up and still in the early stages.

The spaceport and military base, and the transport links throughout the region
to bring goods to and from the spaceport, would be a big part of their economy.

So they'll have the spaceport and half of all off-world traffic, services for the
majority of the population, and a military base. Plus the university (although
I'm sure Cordelia will get a new one up and running, based in Gridgrad.) They
could even make the volcano into a tourist attraction for offworlders.  Over
time Gridgrad and possibly some other cities will grow bigger and faster, (and
not have earthquakes or lava). But Kareenburg will always be the first, the
most historical, the place with all the romance and drama of the early days.
Managed properly they could pick up a lot of the tourist trade. When tourism
becomes a viable industry.

Gwynne (I keep equating Sergyar to Australia: relatively recent settlement,
lively and unusual fauna, some environmental challenges for the settlers,
inventive problem-solving based on problems of distance and lack of resources.
The same applies to plenty of other countries that started as colonies of
a larger power, but this is the one I'm in so I tend to use it as a pattern.
Sergyar feels like home.)

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