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Sat Oct 29 07:46:53 BST 2016

From: Sylvia McIvers <sylviamcivers at gmail.com>
Some snippage....

> On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 12:40:13AM +0000, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> > First and foremost, Sumac and Arkady's visit to her family. For the first
> > time she has a bloke that out-statuses Dar. Plus there'd be Cumbia and
> > Dar blaming Dag for Sumac staying away, and for staying with his
> > farmer wife, and for not becoming a maker when Cumbia wanted him
> > to, and for just existing. And Sumac's reaction. And Arkady's reaction
> > (or, in his case, non-reaction, but non-reaction with IMPACT.)  I LONG
> > to see what happened with that.

oh, yeah. That visit.
Gwynne, you're missing one important point. Dag will be blamed for keeping
Sumac away,  but simultaneously Sumac will be blamed for not dragging Dag
back, with or without his paramour. (Cumbia will surely drive her away,
given time.) (for any given value of 'her, hah!)

I'm sure they can, at the same time, blame Dag for being a patroller and not
a maker, and for becoming a maker after all. And for the farmer wife, of course,
and for staying away with her, and for being in the camp with her. And for not
having children. And for having children with his wife. And for not coming home.
And for all the trouble there'll be when he comes home. And for enticing Sumac
away. And for making Sumac fall for a man so much older. And for Sumac not
being married before, because she was patrolling. And for a hundred other things,
many of them contradictory.

I'd love to think that someone - probably Sumac - really gave Cumbia and Dar
the dressing-down they deserve, but I'm sure it won't happen.

One of the very revealing moments was when Sumac was talking about her
visit to camp shortly after Dag left, and Cumbia's usual pressure on Sumac to
stop patrolling, get married and produce Redwing babies. And Sumac commented,
in passing as if it didn't even matter, that:
"Lately even Papa's been wading in on her side, or at least not on mine, not that he ever was on mine...."

Camp Redwing isn't a happy place, and hasn't been so ever since Cumbia took
over, it seems. I wonder how it irks her to see Mari's camp, full of adults and
children, and lots of love and laughter and busy activity. And there's Cumbia and
Dar, with Omba fleeing to her horses whenever possible, and all the kids staying as
far away as they can, so just Cumbia and Dar, alone and gloomy.

When you look at it, Cumbia's been a failure on just about every front - her marriage
was a misery, with her husband patrolling just to escape. She only had two kids in a
culture that encourages large families, and no precious daughter to carry on the line.
Dar's her big success, a respected knifemaker. Dag is wildly more popular, famed
for his patrol success, really good at everything he chooses to do, and not at all what
Cumbia wants in a son - and their opposition on every point means that she can take
no credit for his successes. Then there's his total rejection of Lakewalker ideals... and
somehow he's now become a worldshakingly famous, successful groundsetter, who's
changing their culture and their lives. From a distance. And despite all Cumbia's
efforts. Camp Redwing can't be a happy place now.

Gwynne (still longing to see that visit!)

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