[LMB] Wide Green questions....

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 29 07:57:31 BST 2016

I'm wondering about sharing knives.

Dag's broken just about every Lakewalker rule. He's tested a lot of the
old prohibitions, and found that some of them were more malleable
than they seemed.

I'm wondering about sharing. One rule that all Lakewalkers know is that

only Lakewalkers can make sharing knives. Only their bones and deaths

But who says so? I'm betting it hasn't been tested for a millennia or more.

Fawn's child's ground was absorbed into the knife, and was able to be used
against the malice's groundwork. There were plenty of special conditions
there, but still, it makes you wonder.

Also, with so much interbreeding in the south - camps losing up to a dozen
a year to farmer relationships - there must be a growing pool of lakewalker

genes in the farming community. Some of the half-breeds are tested and

taken back, but a lot probably aren't, and there's a great deal of mingling
going on. How much Lakewalker DNA do you need to share? Or for your
bones to be knifeworthy?

Maybe the ban on using farmers wasn't because of innate ability, but
because it made farmers somewhat homicidal towards Lakewalkers - all
those superstitions about Lakewalkers taking Granny's bones might be
more than a few glimpsed funeral rites. Maybe way back in the past there
was more crossover, a lack of understanding, hostility, and Lakewalkers
withdrew from contact and made rules to keep their rituals to themselves.

So it's not that farmers can't share or donate for knives, it's just that it
was safer not to give them the chance.

Maybe one day Dag will start questioning that, too.

Gwynne (Imagine if farmers could share, and donate bones - it'd be a
real gamechanger!)

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