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On 10/29/2016 3:39 AM,Sylvia McIvers <sylviamcivers at gmail.com>wrote:
> I'd love to think that someone - probably Sumac - really gave Cumbia and Dar
> the dressing-down they deserve, but I'm sure it won't happen.
I came to think early on that the Biblical posit "The wages of sin are death" is not about the hereafter but about the 
here and now. When you sin (against life, against grace, against love) you gradually inter yourself, make yourself into 
a gebbeth.  The process is gradual and possible of reversal, tho that's rare. So many of the great literary one-liners 
relate to that:
Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven
Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves

Recently, I've been considering the concept of original sin (which my partner, who has a PhD in world religion and long 
intense experience in matters spiritual and fundamentalist, is claptrap originating in medieval times) and wondering if 
that apple of knowledge in the Garden is indeed the problem: not that knowledge, per se, is a problem, but that we 
extrapolate our human and imperfect capacity for knowledge and reason into the overweening assertion of Truth. Like any 
tool, it is how it is used
If honor be your clothing, the suit will last a lifetime - William Arnot

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