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Don't forget Alex is not just Aral's grandson and Miles' son, he's also
Ekaterin's son. Ekaterin, who's special talent is to create beauty. 

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Gwynne Powell wrote:

Night-time meeting with Alex - who is quiet, which is unusual in that
Alex is going to have the whole thing fall on him - Countship, District, and
of course, of COURSE, Mile's son, Vorkosigan heir, must go to the Academy.
And he doesn't want to go.

Just about every adult male he knows went to the Academy. Well, not Mark,
but he's different (and a trained assassin anyway. Being dangerous is the
baseline for most of this family.) But Professor Vorthys didn't. And he's an
Auditor (dangerous, but a different kind of dangerous.)

Cordelia shows Alex some of Aral's artwork - I'm glad he went back to that,
it shows he had some contentment after all the turmoil. (I love the moment
when he finds a couple of more...er....relaxed and intimate... pix. Oops.)
She also points out that traditions have to start somewhere, that you can
work for the Empire in many different ways, that building up is just as good
as tearing down. It's a wonderful scene, so quiet, and possibly pivotal in
his life.
She offers him a selection of the pictures, bound in a book, for his
personal interest. One day, who knows what Alex might create?

Cordelia reflects on the old curse - May you have six children just like
Miles would have loved that. He got six children, all different. It doesn't
seem to occur to Cordelia to wonder about those six children she's cooking
up.  Could be some interesting karma there.

So much Aral in this chapter, he practically oozes from the page. (Ok, bad
image.) First Aral at war, and his superb abilities there. And then Aral in
contented peace, hiding his talents, but quietly happy. Past to future,
warlike history and the child of the future wanting a new path. And a whole
new view of some of that bloodied history, and the thin shell between them
and more horror.

Yes, it's a very full chapter.

Gwynne (at last!)

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