[LMB] Birthday Tixie for October 30

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 30 01:56:29 GMT 2016

Well, my friends, we have been to the mountaintop -- and as predicted, it was 
impassable because of the snow. Still, we had a lovely morning as we sleighed, 
threw snowballs, made forts and did all the fun things people do during the first 
major snow of the season. Something about the crisp mountain air, or maybe 
the Wealdan cheese, or perhaps that very good cider was full of special minerals, 
but we all have enjoyed rude health and remarkable energy on our mountain trip!

Apres ski, as it were, we are back at the inn, where our host is entertaining us 
with ghost stories. Apparently, several people of note have died in and around 
our night's dwelling, but our host reassures all of us that since we are not 
people of note, we have nothing to worry about. Before bed, Richard  heads a 
party to the cellar, in search of one more barrel of cider to serve as a nightcap 
for our merry party. His minions tote up the keg, and Richard follows with an old 
ceramic pot in his hands. It's full of coins. 

The landlord sniffs in disdain. "Debased coins, every one of them clipped or 
counterfeit. Grandfather started the collection, but m'wife made me stick it down 
in the cellar once it got full. You can have it!"

Richard begins sifting through the coins in the lamplight, and some of us join 
him. Some of the coins seem hundreds of years old, and although they are clipped 
indeed, you can still see the designs and hopes and dreams of some three dozen 
kingdoms over the course of 300 years. Absolutely fascinating! Richard will take 
the pot home, and be able to spend many happy evenings puzzling over the origins. 

Penric promises to send a copy of a tome he's just produced called "Coinages of 
Darthaca, Ibra, Chalion and Many Other Places of Note" so Richard can place where 
some of the odder ones are from. 

And now, with the end of October fast approaching, we bring you home to your own 
local cyber-worlds with a spray of Tixie Dust and a bottle of cider for the road. 
Best Wishes to Richard on his birthday!

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