[LMB] Dagoola IV and Miles' conniving

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Margaret Devere <margaret at devere.net> wrote:

> A question:
> In Borders of Infinity, how did Miles arrange to get himself added to the
> Cetagandan prison bubble on Dagoola IV?
> What if they'd put him somewhere else? He'd gone and broken their rules and
> gotten himself caught, and now it wasn't going the right way. How could he
> be sure?

me too, some. What I have for that, though, is this: He had enough backing
from Barrayaran intelligence and such that he was able to get two
non-Cetagandan (Dendarii) people among the guards for that prison. This
must have taken some long-term serious work on the part of Barrayar. So,
those same threads that resulted in Elena and Elli working as guards also
played to ensure that Miles got put into the right prison.
And more things I've wondered: I'd guess their prison was pretty full-up
(prison camp 3, it had 10000 prisoners almost exactly). Presumably camps 1
and 2 also were full-up and were only getting new prisoners when inmates
died? Were they working the same was as 3, or was 3 special? Is there a
half-full prison camp 4?
Karen Hunt

GP: I wondered if the other camps are in the same location, or if they're on
other planets - this can't be the only unsettled world. Maybe they have similar
camps on a few other worlds, not full up but a constant reminder to anyone who
wants to resist.

Or maybe the other camps are long gone, used in previous wars. We number
World Wars, maybe they number prison camps the same way?

I hate to think that the other camps were still full of sad inmates, but if so then
the conclusion of the war would hopefully free them.

Gwynne (Yes, I tend to worry about totally imaginary people - even imaginary
in this imaginary world. I worry about me, too, sometimes.)

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