[LMB] Cast Iron Update!

Pat Mathews MATHEWS55 at msn.com
Mon Oct 31 01:14:22 GMT 2016

This noon  I went through the procedure Alex described, of washing it in hot soapy water, scrubbing it hard, coating it all over with oil, and baking it in a 350+ degree oven for an hour like a cake. After I turned the oven off, I went about my other activities, including a meeting-and-ritual between 3 and 5 pm, and finally got around to taking out the now-cold pan.

Eek! It looked as if the finish had been entirely scrubbed off of the bottom! What to do? Eek! ???? - well, obviously, get out the canola oil and a paper towel, oil it up well and rub it in well and set it on the stove top while I fixed the rest of supper. Then heat some butter in it nice and hot and plentiful and looked brownish - supper was to be a grilled cheese sandwich on pan-fried toast. Veggies in Mister Nuke'em, cheese sandwich in pan, adding extra butter before turning, serve and eat -

And all I had to do was wipe down the pan with another paper towel, getting the excess butter up at the same time. It looks to be in pretty good shape on the inside now; heat and repeat as the occasions arise.

Wow. Easy as (3.14159....). Pretty good supper, too.

Thanks, you all.

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