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> On May 31, 2017, at 6:32 PM, Lois Aleta Fundis <loisaletafundis at gmail.com> wrote:
> And again, when Cordelia swore her oath of allegiance to Gregor, that made
> her Barrayaran by Barrayaran law. Whether Beta Colony still can claim that
> she -- or Miles as her son (or Mark for that matter as her biological son)
> -- has Betan citizenship, too, is up to Betan law.

IIRC, Mark has Barrayaran diplomatic immunity by ACC, or the Parole Officers would 
have tried to drag him off too. Ah, here:
““If you are referring to the dangerous lunatic known as Lord Mark Pierre Vorkosigan, Miss, I tried. Believe me, I tried. I spent a week and a half trying to get the documentation. He carries a Class III Diplomatic Immunity that covers him for nearly everything short of outright murder. In addition, I found I had only to pronounce his last name correctly to produce the most damn-all stone wall obtuseness from every Barrayaran clerk, secretary, embassy officer and bureaucrat I encountered. For a while, I thought I was going mad. At last, I became reconciled to my despair.”

"The medications helped, too, I thought, sir," Muno observed amiably. Gustioz glowered at him.”

Excerpt From: Lois McMaster Bujold. “Miles in Love.” iBooks. 
Sufficient to the weevil is the day thereof.

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