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On Wed, 31 May 2017, at 23:32, Lois Aleta Fundis wrote:

> Being Lady Vorpatril is probably close enough to citizenship;/being a
> Barrayaran subject for Barrayaran law. Laws about citizenship vary widely
> from country to country here on 21st Century Earth.  (One of my coworkers
> was telling me yesterday that someone had been asking if a person could
> have triple citizenship. Double citizenship is fairly common.)

Recall Miles arguing that Mark is Lord Mark and a Barrayaran subject (in

Quad citizenship may be possible since I see that an Irish grandparent
can get you Irish citizenship.
And if you were a Jew, perhaps Israeli citizenship too under the law of

> And again, when Cordelia swore her oath of allegiance to Gregor, that made
> her Barrayaran by Barrayaran law. Whether Beta Colony still can claim  that
> she -- or Miles as her son (or Mark for that matter as her biological  son)
> -- has Betan citizenship, too, is up to Betan law.

Haven't we seen Miles Naismith with a Betan passport?

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