[LMB] OT: Citizenship

Pruehs, Ree RPruehs at BROOKSUPG.COM
Thu Jun 1 19:22:34 BST 2017

> > > Quad citizenship may be possible since I see that an Irish 
> > > grandparent can get you Irish citizenship.

> > Huh. Which makes me eligible. I'd just have to explain how it, er, 
> >came about that my Irish grandfather was born in 1832. (Not a typo.)

> Good Lord! And I thought that the men in my father's family took their 
> time before reproducing with my grandfather born in 1891 and me only 
> 54. I'm presuming a late (second?) marriage to a much younger wife 
> for either your father or grandfather, but I'd be interested to get the details.

I'm 59 and my father was 63 (born in 1894) when I came along. My mother, his second wife, was 23 years younger. (But she died in 1974 and that left my near-octogenarian widower father to figure out how to finish raising a female teenager.) He did live to see me married, which led to the wedding picture with the machine gun. (Only plebians have shotgun weddings.)

I tracked down Dad's immediate family in 1905 census records not too long ago. My paternal grandfather was born in 1832, somewhere in Ireland. My paternal grandmother was born in 1855, so also 23 years younger. She may very well have been his second wife; I haven't figured that out yet. My father had a rather odd first name, so there's no mistaking who is what. 

My DH and I are *not* continuing the family tradition.


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