[LMB] Just wondering about Tien's bribes

Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Thu Jun 1 19:44:37 BST 2017

On 6/1/2017 4:20 AM, Walter Bushell wrote:
> My take on what happens if the conspirators actually collapsed the wormhole is destruction
> of Komarr and its space stations. Escobar annexes Sergyar, followed by Cetagandan expansion
> due to absence of Barrayar from the Nexus.

Wasn't most of the Barrayaran Fleet on the Komarr side of the wormholes 
at the time? What happens then is a civil war, probably won by the Fleet 
Admiral, or whoever can convince him to follow. Then you have Barrayar 
In Exile, based on Komarr or Sergyar.

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