[LMB] OT: possible human-safe pesticide

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Thu Jun 1 22:11:10 BST 2017

On Jun 01, 2017, at 11:40 AM, Jean Lamb <tlambs1138 at charter.net> wrote:

I remember someone on the list having trouble with insects, and this article
talks about a chemical that is good at destroying the reproductive cycle of
fruit flies, and I wonder if it would work on other bugs, like ants. 
Thanks! We did try sucralose/Splenda, on the advice of an article given us at Home Depot. The little formis dabbled in it, and said thanks.

I might get a bag of stevia granules/powder, and spread it around the outside of the house. I do not myself like the taste of stevia, but applaud it if it will rid us of ants.

Terro brand liquid ant traps (clear) they adored, to the point that many drowned before getting out to give it to the nest. The one in the bathroom was completely empty, and they were still coming for some, so we replaced the trap.

Noticing cockroach sign in a corner, and having seen one leave from behind the refrigerator, I purchased some roach gel bait, and know where to install it outside the house, as well as in the kitchen.

For that stuff, you can't put bait down on wet floor, so after one long night of sweeping (including in difficult places under where I can't move that heavy piece of furniture!) and wiping/mopping with Lysol cleaner, I was almost ready to put bait down, but ...

At 8:15, the crew we thought was only installing my belle-mère's picture window (upgraded to double pane and pushes, rather than cranking, to open), was actually coming for most of the day: replacements for windows of both bathrooms, over the kitchen sink, a window in the garage facing the street, and the picture window in the dining area. They were going to be making quite the mess, and exceedingly loud at that.

We had to remove everything around the sink, including the pots & pans hanging above it. When that was finished, there was no space on the table nor on the cooktop, although we had discovered scores of ants' hiding places, and lots of toaster crumbs. Later, when we started replacing things between the sink and the windows, we set down roach bait and ant traps.

After a couple of hours, I asked how long they were likely to be here. About six altogether. The three of us were less than unhappy, and to escape the noise, mess, and no place we could fix or eat a meal, went to lunch.

[We *had* to go out for lunch, and I admit I was so hungry from the calories expended, with maybe 200 kcals in since a late breakfast the day before, that I bolted food down, highly unusual for this slow eater. I paid for that in the form of a lump of pain all night and most of yesterday. I'm still being tentative about what I eat for a day or so.

I also texted my husband to ask him to take us out to dinner, explaining the chaos. I prudently ate less, but the coconut shrimp might not have been the best idea.]

We came back to find there'd been a problem. The measurements for the dining area window (done by someone else) which should be behind me as I type, were off by 10", I presume in width, but I was so shocked by the plywood covering the space, that I forgot to ask details. They weren't sure when the correctly sized replacement would be here, but I said we could last 2-3 days at the most before going stir crazy from lack of light. After a couple of calls, the answer was today or Friday, and yes, it's Friday that they come to finish things.

I asked about the repair of the metal strip on the bottom of the garage-to-side-yard door, and were we going to get replacement glass for it, too? Guy said the whole thing should be replaced. I hope if they do, that the lock will actually function.

I've just noticed that there's a breeze coming in from the other side of the plywood, meaning any blasted insect can come in for a visit or a snack. Possibly even small rats.

I hope this will all be over tomorrow by dinner, including the installation of roach bait.

I need a stiff book and a good drink.


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