[LMB] Rockets light up the sky!

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Thu Jun 1 22:47:46 BST 2017

On Jun 01, 2017, at 01:25 PM, Sue Pittak <sukiyaki531 at gmail.com> wrote:

Speaking of storage. while moving, I found a half hide of elk-tanned
cowhide from my pipe bag making days! I knew I had a variety of assorted
leather scraps stashed away, but a whole half hide??? Yowzah! Artsy-crafty
visions galore! Something along the lines of this:


But with silver VK maple leaves, of course...

amf: If I bought gear like this, I'd want some: the work is lovely, but not my style of accessory.
I can’t wait to get back to my other artsy-craftsy stuff, like kumihimo,
biscornu, polymer clay kalediscope canes, and perfecting faux mercury glass
techniques - I bought two lamps from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore shop I
wan to refurbish that way for my new living room. Heckuva deal!

Aren't you going to be busily productively having fun!


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