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My brother's recent wedding reception featured a small table in the centre of the room for the guests under 10 years of age  (far enough away that they didn't intrude on or accidentally censor adult conversation, close enough for parents to quietly watch). That table had its own wedding cake - a red red-velvet cake decorated to be a unicorn. The guests at that table reportedly enjoyed it immensely,  and spent several hours thereafter in the attached playground running off the sugar high.
(I admit that this is only vaguely related to the discussion,  but the idea of unicorn flesh giving a massive energy boost along with the automatic alignment corruption is one my D&D group quite liked.)


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There was a big fad a few weeks ago for unicorn drinks and pastries.

Were they made from real unicorns?

One dining spot featured vegetarian meatballs, and I didn’t think to ask if they
were made from real vegetarians. I regret missing that opportunity.

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