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>> Wasn't most of the Barrayaran Fleet on the Komarr side of the wormholes
>> at the time? What happens then is a civil war, probably won by the Fleet
>> Admiral, or whoever can convince him to follow. Then you have Barrayar
>> In Exile, based on Komarr or Sergyar.
> I like your whole post.

This is mentioned early after the conspirators take their hostages. 3/4th of the Barrayaran forces 
on the Nexus side of the wormhole and they go ahead anyway. They were planning to wait for
the Emperor’s wedding, but events “forced" their hand.


<Quote> Near the end of chapter 17
“You're planning to shut the wormhole to Barrayar with the Butcher of Komarr and three-fourths of Barrayar's space-based military forces on this side, and you actually think you're going to get a bloodless revolution?”

Excerpt From: Lois McMaster Bujold. “Miles in Love.” iBooks. 

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