[LMB] Happy Birthday, Heather Ridolfi!

adkinslawfirm at mindspring.com adkinslawfirm at mindspring.com
Mon Jun 5 12:48:34 BST 2017

Your personal movie today could be called “Escape To Escobar.”  Leisurely, luxurious transportation brings you to the spaceport and thence to the Durona Clinic for customized rest & relaxation.  They’ve been firmly instructed that no experimentation [on you] is allowed [unless you’d care to volunteer?  I thought not], but they’d be proud to show you what they’ve been working on, to get your unbiased reactions.  The treatments--lotions, massages, and so forth--are better by far than most galactic-standard spas.  

They’ve been established on Escobar for a while now, so you have a plethora of proud guides available for any touring you’d like to do.  If you’re not feeling so ambitious, with its delightfully temperate climate, Escobar has beaches to rival any [without the perils of Ylla’s ocean.  Without an Ivan, alas, so there’s that.].  If you thought Bonsanklar had good drinks with fruits on sticks, just wait until you taste what Escobar has to offer!  Slow walks on the beach, the music of waves, gorgeous, intelligent Duronas of various ages to enjoy [who’ll be thrilled to customize you a sunscreen guaranteed to make your skin any shade desired, with no deleterious side effects], tasty food and drink[s], and very agreeable companions to enjoy them with--your birthday will be very memorable indeed!  I hope you enjoy everything.

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