[LMB] Ista of Chalion and a Nora Roberts character in "Come Sundown."

Louann Miller domelouann at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 16:37:15 BST 2017

These two authors are so VERY not much alike in so many ways, but I read
both of them. The new Nora Roberts book, "Come Sundown," features a
character who reminds me strongly of Ista. At a certain point she too is
confronted with the reality that two thirds of her live is expended, the
middle of those thirds in madness and futility. Now she's free but scarred
and with only middle and old age to look forward to, what the heck comes
The "Come Sundown" character is not the one central character as Ista is in
"Paladin of Souls," but she gets a good bit of attention. The difference I
notice most -- and it may be because she's been even more cruelly treated
than Ista -- is that she doesn't balk much at Being Taken Care Of. Her
supportive family is made up of good people trying to do the right thing.
So is Ista's, of course, but Nora Roberts is more optimistic that good
people trying to do the right thing will succeed instead of smothering
where they intend to nuture.

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