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On Sat, Jun 10, 2017 at 8:37 AM, Louann Miller <domelouann at gmail.com> wrote:

> Richard's skeleton was found in 2012, and he did have a badly twisted
> spine.

Scoliosis, yes; I found that fascinating. "Secrets of the Dead" on PBS had
an episode where they talked about the findings, and also working with a
young man with the same condition, coaching him to ride, wear armor, fight
from horseback, etc.

The twist wasn't anything you'd particularly notice while he was
dressed--only, one shoulder a little higher than the other, which is
actually what you see in the famous portrait of Richard III. And of course
anyone who saw him without clothes would notice the kink in his lower back
... which would easily gain him the nickname of "Crookback." The young man
they worked with also had a rather slender build (another effect of the
condition) which is also reported of Richard.

Another thing I remember was the young man saying that wearing the
15th-century armor--made to his measure, of course, as Richard's would have
been--supported his lower back in a way he found quite comfortable.

Now I'm waiting for the first historical novel about Richard that takes the
scoliosis into account.  :)

--Margaret Dean
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