[LMB] Being Betan

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 12 13:57:37 BST 2017

From: mieke <mvanspanje at home.nl>

Is there actually text evidence that Cordelia c o u l d  and did go back
to Beta? She was a traitor to her home world, she got AWOL and she
assaulted her therapist.
I remember there being contact with her mother; and her children both
went to Beta. But she herself? And Aral?

Gwynne: I don't know if she'd go back as a Betan citizen, but I'm sure she
could go back on her Barrayaran passport. There's high-level agreements
with Beta; Miles has a Betan passport as Naismith, which the Betans must
have agreed to (they obviously know who he is even though he's using
Naismith). I'm sure that trying to drown one irritating therapist would be
forgotten - she's probably been half-drowned by several more patients since
then, anyway. And kicking Steady Freddy in the newscasts would have made
her a heroine for most people.

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