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Tue Jun 13 04:02:41 BST 2017

Gwynne Powell says

>I don't know if the parallels are
>stronger with Miles and Ekaterin - what 
>pressures did Miles bring on the widow? 
>Did he help her husband out of the world 
>to clear the way to her? The twisted, 
>plotting brother to the ruler, forcing a 
>helpless widow into marriage ...

With Shax there are ALWAYS parallels,
resonances, echoes, and instructive points.
Or, at very least, directors and producers who
attempt to make things so.  A production
could be "targeted" at Aral and an audience
of his age, and a later one repurposed 
toward Miles and cohort.  Easy-peasy. Not 
every feature will echo every rumor. But
enough will so so to make a point and engage 
an audience. 

There is a production of "Julius Caeser" 
going on now that is making more news than
is newsworthy, mostly because of the casting
and costuming. 

At some point very early in Miles's awareness
he imprinted on R3 as hard as a newly
hatched gosling on Anna Panquin. And I 
am thinking -- and think most expressing 
opinions share the opinion -- that any
performance is more impressive than any
reading. SO, I think a very young Miles
was dragged to the theater to see R3. Who,
shortly afterwards, read and re-read and 
re-performed and cemented in memory the 
rhythmic cadences alluded to in _BiA_

It is plausible to me that Aral's political
critics cast and costumed a production where
Richard and his minions all wore brown and
silver. Etc. (Aside -- the whole vision
is like a warped version of our favorite
movie fantasy casting game, so that [my
favorite movie Aral] Oliver Reed plays Richard 
targeted at Aral, and Emma Thompson plays Lady
Anne as Cordelia, and maybe Anne Hathaway plays 
Queen Elizabeth as Kareen worried about her son's
regent... ) It is also plausible to me that 
Aral's reaction to deniably spot-lighting his 
perceived villiany in such a fashion would have 
been to drag the whole family to opening night, 
sit the Emperor's box, and cheer and boo and hiss
and applaud in all the right places; for the
sake of the play rather than the politics.
These then would be the crack-shell moments when
Miles impressed upon Richard.  

I'm eager, of course, to entertain alternative

I now ALSO want access to the TV's "Barry Allen's"
portal systems to search alternate Earths for a
version where Oliver Reed DID in fact make
a movie as Richard...  Oh, and I want all the
British films "Alexander Dane" did, including the
explicitly established Richard III, before Sir Alex 
signed on to his universe's US TV series _Galaxy 

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