[LMB] Happy Birthday, Howard Brazee!

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Tue Jun 20 12:44:28 BST 2017

You're in Bonsanklar for a lovely day by the seaside.  It's a beautiful town, with the mountains perfectly placed: close enough to be ornamental, but not close enough to dump snow.  The whole town's like that, understated, solid comfort.  This is epitomized over a breakfast so sumptuous, it widens your eyes.  Your companion opens them even more.  Professora Vorthys explains that she caught your cogent commentary over on the romance discussion forum and was so impressed, she asked for you especially.  She has an open liking for reading romance [the Professor calls it her not-at-all guilty pleasure].  The historical ones are so frequently wrong, she can't read them; the inaccuracies are too chafing.  And frustrating--the real history is so much better than what gets served up.  So she tends to read galactic genres, probably just as inaccurate, but less personally frustrating.  

She shares this with you during a stroll along the esplanade, to enjoy the morning air [and walk off some of that breakfast].  Then she lets you in on a conspiracy.  Duv's been extra stressed lately and driving Delia nuts.  To get him out of the house, he's been inveigled to town for what he thinks is a historians' symposium.  Actually, it's a romance writers conference.  What he thinks is a commencement speech is actually a panel on historical accuracy in romance writing.  The professora is one of the panelists, and so is Duv.  You're solicited to control the hidden camera, to record the look on his face when he figures it out.  

It's actually a pretty good panel.  Duv splutters a bit, but soon rallies, and he and the Profesora have a vigorous discussion of how to do one's research right and present it in the most entertaining way [although her casually cited examples of galactic erotica leave him momentarily speechless and completely croggled].  Afterwards, he even admits to having needed the break and willingly joins in your continued tour of the town.  The Professor meets up with you for dinner, and conversation is lively and informative.  He likes that the town is secure enough in its identity, to not try dazzling impostures to attract galactics.  He also knows where the best desserts are [an attribute of the best husbands].

I hope you enjoy your day.  May it bring tasty treats, good companions, and all other good things.


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