[LMB] Group Read of Richard III 1.3

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Tue Jun 20 14:51:21 BST 2017

Louann Miller 

>For all that Miles loves the play Richard III and 
>identified with Crookback, we've never seen any sign 
>that he is a Ricardian. (One who believes that 
>Richard was libeled by Tudor historians and did not 
>do  most of the evil things attributed to him, 
>especially having his nephews killed.) 

I would guess the reverse. Miles tells Ekaterin that
seeing his parents (and presumably grand-da Piotr)
portrayed in the news (vids, "social media", even 
whatever passes for history books) does NOT influence
his view of the people, but DOES influence his view
of the media. 

I note R3.I-3 deals with Richard-as-"Regent". This
job of the would-be-"emperor" tends to confirm my 
presupposition that Miles's first impression of 
the play and character relates more to *ARAL* as 
the lead.  Miles stepping into his father's role 
as a boyhood goal then leads right into stepping 
into Richard's role. 

A difference is that Richard in this scene displays
a lot of anger, while an angry Aral tends (from 
what Miles's viewpoint shows us) to almost
withdraw.  Aral nearly whispers, or growls, or
rumbles.  Richard -- here -- curses.  Loudly.
Or, better still, interrupts someone else's
elaborate curse and re-purposes it.  

Doing this bit as a one-man show -- two
characters in choppy dialog -- would require
talent on the order of Robin Williams.  I wonder
that among the alternative careers Aral suggest
to Miles after failure at the academy "try outs"
the theater was not among them. 

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