[LMB] ot: "original pronunciation" and R3

pouncer at aol.com pouncer at aol.com
Tue Jun 20 15:35:59 BST 2017

Just for the hard core Shax-fans who somehow missed it:

There are some amazing scenes on YouTube of
performances or scenes in what strives to be the
original pronunciation.  (Elizabethian London sounds
terribly Irish to ears raised in Kansas.)

One example: 

"Shakespeare makes iambic pentameter *canter*, for Richard." 

(The R3 examples follow AYLI, but both are worthy of a listen.)

I would dearly love to take a semester class with this guy,
and explore, too, what I'd label the "Henry Higgins" question
about the pronunciations of noble and vile characters 
speaking in verse and prose....

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