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Walter Bushell links this:


Which I resist lest I find myself emulating this:


OKAY, so.  We are creeping along with Richard III and
reaching a pivot point in the character analysis of Ekaterin.

Just past Tien's death and the moment of dawning
romance between Ekaterin and Miles, Ekaterin volunteers
the an opinion of her situation.  "Time is out of joint".
Miles twigs hard.  He doesn't immediately respond, but
he turns around about a chapter later and quotes the
Hamlet bit again in another scene. 

I often send the little Pouncers off  with the admonishment 
to seek out  new adventures with new friends "who are the 
same kind of crazy as you".  History fiends, math geeks, 
comic book fans, whatever kind of specialized interest is 
available. Just a good place to start. 

The Hamlet quote may say a bit about Vorish culture 
generally.  But if so I'm not sure Miles would have
reacted quite as strongly.  I suspect Ekaterin displays
a particular "kind of crazy" that Miles knows himself
to share that is NOT any more common among the
Vor (High, Old, or nominal)  than among proles,
Betans, or "Galactics".  It's a fandom, or a fannish
sub-cult, not a mundane and required part of the
received and instructed dominant worldview. 

Maybe.  On the other hand,  people do quote
quotes without actually knowing the sources and
contexts.  I suppose it may depend on whether or
not the cited remark implies context and uncited
lines.  In this case,  it is fate's "Curse'd spite, that
I was born to set it right" that REALLY affects 
Ekaterin's situation.  She's putting right all of
Tien's failings and mistakes.  Cleaning up the mess.
Just as Miles as auditor cleans up messes and
as Cordelia describes the military, generally, as
responsible to clean up the messes made by

I'm making much too much of it I'm sure.  But 
since we've been reticent to continue with either
current threads on Shax or Kat maybe a braided
consideration of the two will draw interest... 

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