[LMB] Shopping "montage" ?

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Fri Jun 23 16:01:36 BST 2017

Katherine Collett points out:

> https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/06/20-books-to-read-if-you-loved-watching-wonder-woma.html

The author of the list apparently understands the meaning of the
word "montage" differently than I do.  Or read a version of
_Barrayar_ from an alternate universe.  Still,  one hopes the
exposure brings in new fans.

As a shopping list for other works,  I have _Blackout_ ,
as part of a whole Connie Willis stack, on the TBR pile.  
For whatever reason I stalled halfway thru _Doomsday
Book_ and am waiting for my mood to shift back ...

I confess my childhood/childish addiction to all things
comic-book lured me to read the Lois Lane ProFic
_Fallout_.  Well, that,  and I got some sort of Amazon
Kindle promo-deal that reduced the price of an e-book
to less than the price of an actual paper comicbook for
that week.  Pretty good fic, but I've read better FanFic.
Still, I wouldn't recommend fans here skip _Fallout_ unless
the price rises significantly. 

On that vein, and I suspect I've mentioned it here before
but it may bear repeating, the Supergirl fanfic _Fictitious 
Persons_ in both concept and execution is vastly better 
than the only-fairly-decent TV show "Supergirl" and I wish
the author ( "classicalgal" ?)  had been offered the
Andy Weir deal. That was supposed to be a paragraph but
it turned into a sentence.  I'm rushed. 

There are a lot of stories nowadays about the younger days
of iconic heroes.  Or re-booting the stories with younger 
versions of the icon. Like Supergirl, yes.  The various 
Ultimate comic books with a young "Fantastic Four" -- 
and the awful and derivative movie as well -- being 
other exemplars of this trend. Fewer stories deal with 
the hero in elder life stages. _CJ & tRQ_ being exceptional, 
of course.  The Laurie King versions of Sherlock being 
another exception. (And likewise recommended.)   I have 
some suspicion that Brad Bird's next "Incredibles" movie 
may have Bob and Helen (Mr. Incredible and Elasti-Girl) in 
elder-mentor roles for young-(reckless)-adults Dash and 
Violet.  If so that may kick off a boomer-targeted trend of 
re-imagined icons balding, greyed, and pudged up a bit.  
We'll see. 

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