[LMB] Happy Birthday, Nancy Barber!

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Tue Jun 27 13:13:17 BST 2017

Everyone's been instructed that you're allowed to sleep in on your special day, and you're certainly welcome to try.  Whether sweet slumber can survive zealous roosters, thundering youngers, or elaborately "quiet" slightly-olders, remains to be seen [and, most likely, heard--or herd-ed?].  After a rowdy morning meal, Dag herds everyone outside, to give Fawn some quiet time.  She's pregnant again, and you make sure she puts her feet up for a spell.  Flashing you a grateful smile, Dag takes himself off for some supervisory duties.  You and Fawn have a lovely chat as you knead some dough together.  She's heard you have quite a way with bread and is eager to swap recipes.  She's watching for your reaction to their chicory beverage, and other drink choices.  There's some fun domestic chat, and the two of you plan some things for the big meal later in the day.

Once the doughs are set to rise, Fawn takes a nap, and you join Dag and the others outside, well away from the house.  The old patroller delegates well, and you admire the skill with which he sets up genial competitions between the farmer and Lakewalker adolescents, sending some for black-and-other berries, some to fish, some to help neighbors bring dishes and seating, etc.  Seeing he's kind of twitchy, you kindly volunteer to supervise the berry-ers, and he goes to "help" Fawn with her nap.  [He doesn't at all mind letting folks underestimate him, especially if it works to his benefit.]

Over the day, you supervise the pecan-preparers as well.  It's enlightened self-interest, as you're eager for some of that pecan pie and those cobblers for yourself [instead of letting eager young hands eat the ingredients before they even get cooked].  It being your day and all, if you ask real pretty, Fawn might even confide her very own mix of berries that makes them so good.  You enjoy games, chats, and are especially admiring of the runners on that rocking-chair one of Dag's apprentices made.  There's a discussion of some Lakewalkers working crew on various Clearcreek boats, for safer passage downriver to different camps. Dag joins in, to suggest itineraries.  Most of them don't understand Dag's rueful grimaces at various "catfish" jokes.  The Clearcreek folks are interested in your ideas about their boat designs.

The weather's perfect, with the breeze off the water, and it's extra-cool in the shade.  In a brief quiet moment, Fawn shows you proudly around the yard and gardens.  She's very proud of her flowers, some of which have been brought from far away, and very impressed with your knowledge and ideas for which to plant together when.  Dag's rather bemused by the whole thing.  You're impressed by how he manages to peel and eat sunflower seeds with that hook.

It's a lovely day, with an abundance of good things, your favorite foods, fond friends, and all mishaps minor and humorous.  

May your day bring you good music [you can always see me about that ;)], good food, and great company.


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