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Upon your arrival at her door, Dr. Naismith receives you with kindness and warmth.  She's arranged for her friend the tour guide to start your day with a desert hike, with only the most comfortable, dust-repellent equipment.  It's a lovely hike up and down dunes.  Your guide even knows where there's an open pool of surface water.  She'll gladly tell you anything you'd like to know about the climate, geology, or even the life cycles of the extremophiles in that pool.  The sunrise is nothing short of spectacular, and you savor it in mutual silence.  Invigorated by your hike [and the lembas-like snacks you enjoyed during it], you're treated to a fly-along at the school where Miles Naismith trained.

Lunch is unexpectedly tasty, and Dr. Naismith smirks a bit at your surprise. 
 In a habitat so restricted, good food is an efficient way to keep folks happy and productive.  Knowing how thorough Betans are and how talented at genetic engineering, you really shouldn't be so surprised at how good the vat-grown food is.  She lets you off the hook, though; out in the Nexus, Betans downplay the food, because otherwise even more folks would want to move there.

As you discuss what you'd enjoy doing next, you realize that she knows someone everywhere.  If you thought Cordelia's network was impressive, she learned it at her mother's knee.  Or lab.  Speaking of which, some of the activities on offer include a visit to a blind wormhole where some of the latest weapons are tested, a visit to Dr. Naismith's lab to see her research, or a behind-the-scenes tour of municipal engineering.  They've done some impressive things with public spaces.  A popular favorite are the fountains that keep the air refreshingly cool, with minimal water loss.  

That evening, you take in a comedy satirizing most of the Nexus.  It's both accurate enough and inaccurate enough to be wildly funny.  Over drinks and conversation with Dr. Naismith afterwards, you enjoy hearing "awkward duckling" stories about Cordelia, a side of her you never thought you'd share.

I hope you enjoy your day, and that it brings you all manner of good things.


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