[LMB] Cover Picture "The Prisoner of Limnos"

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Thu Nov 2 14:46:59 GMT 2017

Does the World of the Five Gods have a double star?

In the sky behind the Island of Limnos is a full
disk - a sun/star or a full moon. But the light on
the building comes from the right. If the disk is
a sun/star that's fine, but if it's a moon it should
be waning gibbous/third quarter/waning crescent
depending on the exact sun position, NOT full.
(Remember we're in the Southern Hemisphere here,
if Limnos were in Eurasia or N America on Earth it
should be waxing crescent/third quarter/waxing

James - who worries that the moon phase in pictures
be correct. (An article I once wrote about optical v
magnetic coupling made a passing reference to Paul
Revere and one of the illustrations had a picture of
him in the background, riding in the light of a
waning crescent moon. In the Northern Hemisphere on
the 18th April 1775 the Moon was waning Gibbous - and
I made them alter the picture.)

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