[LMB] Here Tixie, Tixie, Tixie...

Harvey Fishman fishman at panix.com
Sat Nov 4 00:26:52 GMT 2017

The Tixie drops in with a happy Jack Benny birthday wish to Paige Kalika. We have arranged a trip via the galactic hyperspace transport system to the South Continent on Barryar for the annual wine and grape festival. Since this is newly terraformed land, the soil is not that fertile and this combined with the winds of the open plains makes growing conditions that stress the grapes which is a requirement for great wines. South continent wines are known throughout the Nexus for their quality. You will be invited to join the natives in the barefoot grape stomping festival. Since the grapes grown are mostly reds (the pomace is retained for further terraforming) you are likely to return with red feet as a souvenir of your trip. But not to worry as this usually wears away in six months or so. It will almost definitely be gone by your next birthday.

The Tixie

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