[LMB] The Tixie

Harvey Fishman fishman at panix.com
Tue Nov 7 01:25:17 GMT 2017

A late Tixie drops in with happy 49th birthday wish for Tony Zbaraschuk. For your delectation we have arranged an excursion via the experimental time travel service of the galactic hyperspace transport system. We will journey back to the arrival on Barryar of the first ship of pioneers (later called The Firsters), and observe the collapse of the wormhole. We will see the anguish that this brought, but observe that these hardy pioneers accepted their fate and strove to make the best of it. They downloaded the terraforming machinery from the transport ship and set about to create some sort of habitable community. Thankfully they had livestock (in embryo form) and eough brood animals to bring the animals to term. While the native vegetation proved to be poisonous to Earth derived life, the pioneers had sufficient food and grain to feed their animals and themselves for long enough to create enough manure to start terraforming to the point where sustenence was possible. Life was h
 ard but 
 the Firsters had no choice but to carry on. That they were successful is evidenced by the current civilization on Barryar. You will be able to share their trials and victories. You will finally be whisked back to the current time with this experience and returned to Earth.

The Tixie

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