[LMB] Gene cleaning in real life

Walter Bushell proto at panix.com
Thu Nov 9 23:47:02 GMT 2017

> On Nov 9, 2017, at 5:49 PM, Helen Fenton <hifenton at internode.on.net> wrote:
> Speaking as a person who comes from a family afflicted with Porphyria ( Varigate version) and lives in Australia with high levels of sunlight all year round and high levels of consumption of alcoholic beverages . I would give anything to be rid of this curse for myself and my son . 
> For a fairly authentic depiction of the side effects of this unpleasant genetic condition I refer inquiring minds to the movie The madness of King George .
> Helen 

There are more than a few plot points in the Vor saga that hinge on bad genes and the cloning thereof.

The Gregor was wary of marrying a Vor, just as one example. 

Huntington disease is just horrid. Robert M. Sapolsky gives a description of it in
his online course “Human Behavioral Biology” from a course at Stanford.

In summary it makes a man behave more like one of the other apes. Eventually
with further nervous degeneration uncontrollable tremors.

Sufficient to the weevil is the day thereof.

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