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On Nov 9, 2017, at 7:02 PM, Beatrice_Otter wrote:
> I am autistic.  Autism Speaks is the largest and most prominent autistic advocacy group in the United States.  But they are NOTORIOUS for excluding actual autistic people from their policy-making, instead being controlled by a group of parents of autistic children who are incredibly toxic.  As in, in 2013 they made a video about autism in which one of their top people said she fantasized about murdering her autistic daughter, WITH THE AUTISTIC DAUGHTER SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HER, and they were surprised that people objected.  Because, to them, autism is a HORRIBLE THING THAT STEALS CHILDREN AND DESTROYS FAMILIES and so OF COURSE any parent of an autistic child would fantasize about killing them.  This is why we need research into autism prevention and cure so that no parent will ever have to go through what they do!  (Meanwhile, people who actually ARE autistic were appalled because imagine the kind of hell that girl's life is, with a mother who wants her dead and thinks she should be praised for not murdering her yet.)  Anyway, all the money that Autism Speaks gives to research these days goes into trying to identify the genes that cause autism so that autistic fetuses can be aborted.

Autism is a spectrum. Severe/profound autism, especially when accompanied by mental retardation, is overwhelmingly difficult to parent. It does destroy families. I completely understand a parent fantasizing about killing such a child. I am completely in favor of all non-coercive efforts to prevent such children from being born.

Nobody sensible is talking about taking your brain apart or aborting you. 

My beloved daughter spent the first few months of her life crying close to 24/7. I fantasized about killing her. Many parents have dark thoughts when they are extremely sleep deprived and otherwise totally stressed out. She's 30 now, and knows the story. 

By the way, both of my brothers, one niece, one nephew, AND MY SON (also beloved) are all on the autistic spectrum. I lean that way a bit myself.

Janet in TN 

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