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I also have one mutation I would never have thought to get tested for (showed up in a prenatal scan of a grandson). Learning about it explained a LOT! But while I was a difficult child (ask my parents, though it would have to be via a Spiritualist medium), Iwouldn't change myself now for a million dollars and a seat at the Round Table.

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How you you get rid of recessive genetic diseases? Tay-Sachs disease
killed about 1/3,600 babies a year among Jews of European descent... can
scientists cure it?

They can't (yet), but the community can advise all high-school seniors in
religious schools to get gene tested. The lab results help make sure 2
carriers don't get married. No more dead babies.

I gather it isn't tested for at birth. If the family contains "hidden Jews" in its background, they would not think to get tested, and the advisor for genetic testing at amniocentesis or chorionic villius sampling (which is usually done a couple of weeks earlier) would not necessarily suspect it, nor test for it. If a pregnant woman is under 30, such testing is rare.

I think yours is a good idea, but I think universal gene testing at the time of a teenage vaccine or booster would make sense.

I have one mutation of which I'm aware, but wouldn't have been automatically tested for..

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