[LMB] Gene cleaning in real life, Fifth Season

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 15:50:47 GMT 2017

I don't know that I am convinced about the slippery slope argument. There
seems quite a difference to me between the sort of genetic disorder that
leads to multiple medical problems followed by an early death in childhood
versus one that leads to autism or depression or any of a number of
non-neurotypical conditions. Certainly I believe you that there are people
in the world who want to get rid of autism, but aren't there enough people
who don't that it wouldn't be one of the targets? I would expect some level
of unanimous medical accord that autism simply wouldn't meet, because it's
NOT like tay-sachs or huntington's. Not at all. Maybe I'm naive.

The Deaf/CI argument seems to also be a different category to me. I can
understand the concern over the potential loss of what is a very rich
language and culture, but not to the extent of actually denying the option
of hearing to non-hearing children. Somehow that seems closer to denying
the child the option of learning engligh because of french cultural

So, maybe totally unrelated, but Beatrice if you haven't read The Fifth
Season I would recommend it to you (and to anyone else who hasn't read
it--the final book of the trilogy has just come out, so it's not a case of
waiting interminably for an author to finish a series you love). I don't
know what made me think of it in relation to this conversation. I suppose
because of the slavery and racism and discrimination against what you could
say are non-neurotypical individuals. Good books in any case.

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