[LMB] Gene cleaning and ACC

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Mon Nov 13 20:15:46 GMT 2017

Probably just normal things going wrong.  Even regular pregnancies always
have the chance of something going wrong.

On Mon, Nov 13, 2017 at 2:12 PM, Kevin Kennedy <kevink45 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> ACC is my current paperback carried in purse to read when standing in
> line, in doctor's waiting room, etc. I've just gotten to the bit where
> Miles, Mark and Ekaterin are in the library & Miles is describing Count
> Vormuir's scheme to draw new people to his district.  He's got 30 uterine
> replicators & some eggs from  a clinic's discard bin.  Miles has just said
> that so far there have been 88 live births with 30 more on the way. Now
> these have been  for all possible problems to begin with, anyone want to
> speculate on why there hasn't been 90 live births?  What happened to the 2
> missing embryos? A new mutation or a new pairing of existing genes that
> doesn't work, or something else. Whichever, It will always be a process
> that needs tweaking.
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