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> <snip eloquent logic>
> Also, it's not a slippery slope argument to look at the people who are
> *right now as we speak* searching for a prenatal test that would allow them
> to identify and abort fetuses with my condition and say that we need to
> have a SERIOUS discussion about the ethics of this and similar research.
People have been abort fetuses with -my- prenatal condition, which is
"being female".
I agree that the ethics need to be revisited.

> I'm not against eliminating things like Tay Sachs and Huntingtons and
> stuff like that.  I'm not against getting rid of heart murmurs and stuff
> like that.  Heck, if I were going to have a child,  and it were possible to
> ensure they didn't inherit my shitty sinuses, my bad hip, my poor eyesight,
> and my problems with gas, I'd do it in a heartbeat.  But we absolutely need
> to have better (or any!) conversations about where the line is, and people
> with disabilities absolutely need to be major voices in that conversation,
> and not just shoved off to the side.  And unfortunately, there are few
> conversations about this, and in most of them that I know of, we ARE
> getting shoved to the side.
> Beatrice Otter
> --

I agree with all this.
who does not actually regret starting this thread, but did not expect it to
take this long turn.

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