[LMB] Gene cleaning in real life

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I truly doubt humanity will become extinct. A civilization crash is quite likely, since we've had decades to clean up our act and have steadfastly refused to do so.

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> The problem with creating "lazy" genes like that is that there is little
> evolutionary pressure to keep them, except under difficult
> circumstances.  If we engineer for "no-exercise" muscles and
> simultaneously engineer our society to eliminate most of the exercise,
> these genes can be lost without real consequence.

I'll bet there were Lake Masters who made similar arguments.  Why worry
about using their ground powers to alter their children?  After all, what
were the chances of their causing a complete societal collapse by, say,
having an experiment which catastrophically failed?  Surely there's no
possible way their descendants could ever need to function in a relatively
primitive, ancestral-type environment.  The Lake Cities will almost
certainly last forever.

At this point, I'm expecting a worldwide collapse of civilization within
two hundred years or less - assuming humanity doesn't simply become extinct.

Matt "optimism" G.
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