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Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Wed Nov 15 14:58:11 GMT 2017

Marc Wilson wrote:

> And the difference between "Let's eat, Grandma!" and "Let's eat
> Grandma!"
> And ambiguity has been exploited, notably by Sheridan:
> "Mr. Speaker, I said the honourable member was a liar it is true and I
> am sorry for it. The honourable member may place the punctuation where
> he pleases."
>    - Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1751-1816) British dramatist,
> on being asked to apologize for calling a fellow MP a liar.
I rather like this bit, from Pratchett's _Pyramids_. Three young members
of the Assassins Guild have just passed their final exams, making them
full-fledged Guild members, and they've gone out on the town. They are
now staggering homewards.

"They were three dead drunk assassins, and the shadowy figures behind
them were bent on inserting the significant comma."

(The quote may not be quite right, but the main point is correct.)

Jim Parish

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