[LMB] OT:- Lasts & Shoes

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Thu Nov 16 09:35:05 GMT 2017

Marina had the idea that lasts were just the sole part:-

 >...but if not, I must seek out someone who can make one
 >or two for me. $40 is much better than some prices I saw,
 >but, oh, to have a two shoes that truly fit all of my
 >pedal needs!

Lasts model the whole foot - and you need one for each
foot, even if your feet are exact mirror images of each

$40 was what I was charged by Faisal in the suburbs of
Cape Town in South Africa several years ago now. Labour
is still much cheaper there but you have to BE there for
him to make 'em.

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